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Transcribed by Cynthia Fore Miller, 19 March 2001

                                     WILL OF 

                                   JOEL FORE

The State of South Carolina)
       Marion District     )

                 The last will and Testament of Joel Fore.

                                  I. Joel Fore, considering the uncertainty
of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory, (blessed be Al-
mighty God for the same) do make and publish this my last will and testament,
in manner and form following,

First     It is my will and desire, that the appraised value of all my real es-
tate, and the moneys arising from the sale of my personal estate, after pay-
ing my debts, funeral expenses and other charges and expenses of my Executers,
to be appointed by me herafter in this my will, be divided equally among my 
children, share and share alike, the children of my son Joel, in the State of
Alabama, taking the share, to which their father would be entitled if he were

Scndly.    I divide my plantation, containing Six hundred and six acres more or
less, situate on catfish Creek, in the District and State aforesaid, into two
parts.  The upper portion on which my dwelling is situated, bounded on the 
North by lands of Isham Watson,, East by lands of willis Finklea Mary Finklea
and J. W. Moody, West by lands of Mrs Maria Ellerbe, and South by a line com-
mencing on a gum, (a corner tree) at the run of Catfish Creek, and running.
s. w. 8 _.0 to a branch, thence down said branch to a black gum in the mouth
of a branch entering into the aforesaid branch, thence up the last mentioned 
branch to a gum near its head, thence s. w. 35.0 to the back line of my land
on the bay, I give and devise to my sons, Thomas Fore, and Willis Fore, their
heirs and assigns forever on the following conditions:  To wit, First, That my
said sons, take said land at a valuation to be determined by four disinterested
freeholders, two of whom are to be appointed by said Sons Thomas and willis, and
two by my Executors, and in case said four freeholders cannot agree as to the
valuation of said land, that they call in a fifth freeholder to their assis-
tance, and as the valuation of said land, will be more than the share, to 
which my said sons will be entitled out of my estate, both of real and personal
property, that said Thomas and willis pay over the surplus of the appraised
value of said land, over and above their respective share, to my Executors, 


within a reasonable time after my death, for the benefit of my children, or
the representatives of my deceased child or children, to whom to no land
has been given and devised by me.  Secondly, should either of my said sons,
Thomas or Willis, to whom I have given and devised said land,be desirous of
disposing of his interest therein, then in that case, it is my will that
he sell to no person, except a brother or sister, or brothers or sisters

Thirdly.   The lower portion of my plantation, bounded on the north,by
a boundary already described in a the devise of land to my sons Thomas and
Willis, West by lands of Mrs. M. Ellerbe and South by lands of the same, I
give and bequeath to my son Daniel Fore, his heirs and assigns forever, in
the same conditions, as those which I have before imposed on my sons Thomas
and Willis, in my devise of land to them in this my will.

Fourthly.   All my personal estate, goods and chattels, of what kind and
nature soever, I direct my executers to sell, after due, public notice, at such-
time and on such terms, as they may deem most beneficial to my estate.

Fifthly.  After all my just debts, funeral expenses, and charges and expenses
incurred by my Executors, in carrying into effect this my will shall be paid,
by my said Executors, out of my whole estate, and after deducting the shares
of my sons, Thomas, Daniel and Willis, to whom I have given and devised land,
from the balance of the value of my estate in money, the remainder thereof,
I dispose of in the following manner, to wit, to my sons, Thomas Fore, John
Fore, James Fore, Daniel Fore, willis Fore, Stephen Fore, Alfred Fore, and to
my daughters, Mary Ann Fore and Elizabeth A. Fore, I give and bequeath, to
each, the one seventh part of said remainder, and the remaining one seventh
thereof, I give and bequeath, to the children of my deceased son Joel,

Sixthly    It is my desire and request that my daughters, Mary Ann and Eliza-
beth A. continue to reside in my mansion house, while unmarried, or as long as
they or either of them desire so to remain. 

Seventhly.  My express meaning and will is, and I do hereby order and appoint, 
that if any difference, dispute question or controversy shall be moved, arise,
or happen concerning any gift, devise, matter or thing in this my will, ex-
pressed or contained, that then no suit, or suits in law or Equity or other-
wise shall be brought commenced or prosecuted, for and concerning the same,


but the same shall be referred wholly to the award, order and determination
of five good and true men, chosen as above directed to appraise my lands,
and what they shall order, direct or determine therein, shall be binding and
conclusive, to all and every person and persons therein concerned.  

Eightly.  I hereby constitute my Sons Stephen Fore and Alfred Fore Execu-
tors of this my last will and Testament.

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the              Joel Fore (SEAL)
above named Joel Fore, to be his last will and
Testament, in the presence of us who have here-
unto subscribed out names as witnesses, in the 
presence of the Testator, on the tenth day of
April, Eighteen Hundred and fifty two   The names
Thomas Fore & Daniel Fore and Willis Fore, on the
tenth and eleventh lines from top of second page, 
erased before signing

           (John H. Moody
           (            her
Witnefses  (Elisabeth   X   Moody 
           (           mark
           (A Q M Duffie

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 204
Recorded Jany 24, 1856
E. B. Wheeler, Ordinary M. D. 
Roll No. 1019

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