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Contributed by Donna H. Howell, 26 March 2001


In the name of God Amen I- Joseph Gourley of- Mereon. Destrect and State
of South Carolina calling to mind the mortality of my nature do. make this
my last well and testament.

Imprimis - I desire, and well, that My Executers herein after named, shall,
as soon after my decease as may be, out of the debts which may be due me,
and out of the proceeds of the sale of such part of my property as in their
descretion best can be spared, descharge all the debts which I may owe --

Item, It is my will end desire, that all the remainder of my estate, of
whatever Kind it may be,- nine months after my decease, shall be equally
deveded, according to voluation by lott, between my beloved Wife Mary, and
daughter Ann. Jane. Gourley - and in case .my wife should be delevered, of
another cheld, or children, wethen the time limited as aforesaid for deve-
sion - Then in that case such. child or children, shall be entitled to an
equal Share, with my wife & daugter aforesaid--

Item - In refrence to the lest clause, et is my well, that my wife Mary
shall take and hold the part of my estote which may fell to her share, dur-
ing her natural, life after her death to belong to my daugter ann Jane, or,
if any other child or children, should be born wethen the nine months after
my decease aforesaid, shall belong equally, to that child or children, and
my said daugter -- or their ifsue.--and in case my daugter as aforesaid and
child or children as aforesaid (if any there should be) should die, leaving
no ifsue, alive then in that case, all the interest in my estate I hove here-
tofore bequeathed .to them, It is my will, sholl belong to the children of
Jane James, wife of George James. Shere & share alike--

Item it is my will and desire, that my Executors: shall, hire out the ne-
groes which may belon to my daughter or children as may be - that of the
proceeds of the same or any other property . she or they shall have she or
they shall be properly maintained one[?] educoted untill .she or they if Girls,
marry or arrive at the age of twenty one--

Item - It is my desire that on case George & Toney the Blacksmiths should
fall to my daughter's or childrens shore That they shall not be hired, but
Kept at work under the direction of the Executors and the proceeds thereof
appropiroted to her or thro mee. A benefit--


Item. I do hereby constitute end appoint my beloved wife Mary Gourley
Executrix and my friends . Willeem H Cannon of Darlington, and Jourdon
Gibson of Moreon .Executors to this my last Wole and testament
Signed .Sealed, published ond declored as my will and testament
this .11th of Morch A. D. 1820 --

Joseph Gourley (SEAL)

In presence of

C Daniel

Tho Evans

B. F. Walsh

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 246
Recorded May 10th 1834
E.B. Wheler Ordinary
Roll No. 290

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