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Transcribed by Donali Howell, 19 May 2001

                              WILL OF

                            LEWIS HARRELL

South Carolina ) In the name of God Amen I Lewis Harrell of Marion District

in the said State being of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this

my last will and testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me made.  It

is my desire that all my Just debts be paid believing that I have already

made an Equal and just distribution of my property among my children as far

as the division of my property has taken place the remainder that I am now

pofsefsed with I dispose of in the following manner  Item first to be at

my disposal to give in legacys as I shall see proper so long as I live my

lands lying between Peedee and Lynches Creek and between Peedee and Catfish

Creek in Marion is considered belonging to my son Josiah T. Harrell in the 

division already taken place Item 2nd The remains of my  state that I shall

be pofsefsed of at the time of my death I give in the following manner to

be equally divided among my children that is now living viz Mary Anderson

Mathew M Harrell & Josiah T Harrell and Lewis Harrell and the children of 

my son Jacob and my son James Harrell shall receive their portion their fa-

thers portion of my Estate as the their Fathers were now living and their

legacies shall be drawn for them by my Executors and Kept for them untill

they come of age or marry at which time each Survivor Shall receive their

equal portion proportion  Item 3rd It is my desire that my Executors shall

Keep back out of my Estate as much money and put it to Interest as shall

amount to One hundred dollars a year for the purpose of paying the legacy

belonging to my wife by marriage contract and at her my wifes death the prin-

ciple to be collected and divided in the same manner as devised above in the

direction given my Executors that is each Legatee to share and share alike I

Lastly Constitute and appoint my sons Mathew M and Josiah T Harrell Executors

of this my last will and Testament revoking all other Wills before made by me

In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this 5th

day of June in the year of Lord 1823 Signed Sealed in presence of

Jas Crefsy                                       Lewis Harrell (SEAL)

Alex J Scott

John M Blount

27th June 1823 As I am about taking of a Journey into the back Country for

my health leaving home in a low State of health it is my desire that the chil-

dren of my daughter Mary that she had by George Myers shall receive before


any division takes place in my will one hundred dollars each the said leg-

acies to be Kept by my Executors and paid over as the legatees comes of age

It is further my desire that my son Josiah T Harrell shall receive before any

division takes place Three thousand dollars out of my Estate but in case if

I should live to return and should I see cause to pay the above named lega-

cies their receipt shall be good to any of my Executrixes.

Test  Alexr J Scott                                 Lewis Harrell

      John M Blount

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 188

Original Will Missing

Recorded June 10, 1829

Thomas Harllee Ordinary

Roll No. 383

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