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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 6 Jun 2001

State of South Carolina )
       Marion District  )
I Restor Hinds of the district and State afforesaid of Sound and disposing
Mind, Memory and Understanding, do make and ordain the following as my last
Will and testament----
1 - I give And bequeath unto my three grand children, (Namely, Dawson R. 
Hunter, Alexander D Hunter And Celestia M. Hunter, the following lot of Ne-
groes, (Namely, Barbary, Henry, Eliza Mary And yound McK___
It is my Will that the Said lot of Negroes Should Remain in posesion of
my Executors untill Dawson R. Hunter arives at the age of Twenty one years,
And then the above Mentioned Negroes to be equaly divided Among My above
Mentioned three grand children---
It is also My Will that the above named Negroes Shall be Kept on the plan-
tation that I have deeded to the above named Dawson R. Hunter, And the
neet proceeds of there income to be applyed as my Executors think proper
for there intrest---
2/H - it is My Will that ale the rest of my property, (Namely, Negroes, Stock,
Money, papers,and the growing Crop left at my decease, Land Ac It is my Will
that the above Mentioned property Shall be at my death, divided into three
equal parts --- to my Sone James R. Hinds I give and bequeath one third, to 
My Daughter Leah E. James, I give and bequeath one thire --
and it is My Will that the remaining thired to be equally, divided between
my above named grand-Children (Namely, Dawson R. Hunter, Alexander D, Hunter
And Celestia M. Hunter, And the portion alloted to them - it is My Will
for it also to remain in pofsesion of My Executors, And placed in the plan-
tation deeded as above named to my grand Son Dawson A. Hunter, and the meet
proceeds of said property to be manandgeed by My Executors,for there beni-
fit, and devided as directed in the first clause of this Instrument ---
I Nominate, Constitute and appoint as my Executors, James R. Hinds, and
George C. James - Witnefs My hand and Seal this Twenty third day of April
in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifhy - And in the 
seventy fourth year of the Independence of the United State of Americas
Sined And Sealed in                                     Restor Hinds (SEAL)
the presence of 
S. A. Campbell
Saml. M. Reynolds
Stephen O Hinds
Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 121
Sworn to May 21, 1850
Edward B. Wheeler, Ordinary
Roll No. 296

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