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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 23 May 2001


Be it remembered that I William O Cain of the State of South Carolina and 
Destrict of Marion considering the uncertainty of this mortal Life and being 
of sound and perfect Mind and Memory Blefsed be Almighty God for the same; do 
make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following viz:

I give and Bequeath unto my eldest Son Lawrence O Cain one Tract of Land 
containing Eighty Nine and one half Acres being part of Two Tracts of Land 
containing Three Hundred and Fifty eight Acres being the lower part of the said 
Tracts situate on the Big Swamp as a Deed and Plat of the same represents;

I give and Bequeath unto my youngest Son, Bartholmew O Cain part of a Tract of 
Land on which my Dwelling House Stands, situate on the Big Swamp being the upper 
part of the above mentioned two Tracts containing Eighty nine and one half Acres 

and lastly as to all the rest-Residue and remainder of my Personal Estate Goods 
and Chattles of what kind and nature soever I give and Bequeath the same unto my 
beloved Wife Joyce Ann O Cain during her lifetime and it is my desire that my 
Son Batholmew O Cain will take my Wife Joyce Ann O Cain to live with him and 
support her during her life and also to take care of the Stock of Cattle Hogs Etc 
It is also my desire that my Daughter Ann O Cain shall have her Maintainance as 
long as she remains Unmarried and after the Decease of my Wife Joyce Ann O Cain 
it is my desire that the Residue and remainder of the Personal Estate Good and 
Chattles Together with a Tract of Land containing one Hundred Acres situate on 
Cypreefs Branch  to be sold at Public Auction and the proceeds to be divided 
equally amongst the remaining Heirs-------

And I hereby appoint Lawrance O Cain and Bartholmew O Cain Executors of this my 
last Will and Testament hereby Revokeing all former Wills by me made 

In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Twenty sixth day of 
November in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty one--
Signed sealed Published and       )                       William o Cain (SEAL)
Declared by the above named       )
William O Cain to be his last     )
will and Testament in the pre-    )
sence of us who at his request    )
and at his presence have hereunto ) 
subscribed our Names as Witnef-   )
ses to the same                   )
James Bond
Benjamin W Gibb
Frances Hyman
Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 210
Sworn to October 24, 1826
Edward B. Wheeler, Ordinary
Roll No. 127

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