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Transcribed by Francine Jones, 2 Jun 2001

                                 WILL OF

                            DAVID PALMER

South Carolina  )
Marion District )  Be it Known to all to whom it may concern that I David

Palmer of the District and State aforsaid do make and publish this my last

will and testament in the following words to wit, It is my will and desire

that all my Just debts and funeral expenses by paid -

2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Jane all that plantation

containing Several tracts of land lying on the South west Side of cyprefs

Creek and bounded on the east Side by Said cyprefs Creek running up the

Prong of Said creek to cyprefs creek Bay then running South west, west and

south on land belonging to David Gibson south on the Johnson Land and south

east on William F. Richardson land also two negroes named Harry and Peggy

otherwise/calledMargaret during the term of her natural life or widowhood State

at her disease or Marriage to go to her two children John Luther and Rebecca

Jane Palmer likewise a gentle draft Horse and my riding wagon and five cows

and calves and two or three Sows & Pigs also some household and Kitchen fur-

niture 3rd I give and bequeath to my son John Luther Palmer two tracts of land

Known as the Osteen tract and Davis tract in Stirrup Savannah Bay also one

negro boy named Sam - 4" I give and bequeath to my daughter Rebecca Jane

Palmer two litle negroes either to be purchased by my executors or taken from

negroes hereinaafter named,  5" I give and bvequeath to my daughter Elizabeth

M. C. Richardson all that parcel of land containing several tracts lying on

the East side of the Brittons ferry Road running from the centre of the Mill 

Pond Creek up the old road until it intersects the brittons ferry Road thence

up Said road to Mr Jenkins's line and down to Little Pede River All inclu-

sive also one two hundred dollar note Signed by her husband William F. Rich-

ardson and made payable to me also one negro woman named Eady  6" I give and

bequeath to my Son David C. Palmer all that plantation or tract of land

Known as the old place Starting at cyprefs creek Bay running down the prong

until it intersects thence up the creek to a station Just above the old cause-

way thence on a old line running to the land of Thomas.T.Wall a north east

course thence a strait west & Ncourse until it intersects cyprefs creek thence

down Said creek until it comes to a corner put by Levi Legett on a Survey for


P. L. Palmer thence a strait westernly course until it comes to cyprefs creek

Bay also one negro man named Hamus put in place of one named Patrick given

in a deed of trust to D. I. Taylor for said David C. Palmerr  7" I give and

bequeath unto my son William A. Palmer all those several tracts or parcels

of land consisting of six or Seven tracts lying on cyprefs creek generally

Known as the Phillips land bounded on the lower Side by the land Just above

designated and all the land above that said line N. W. and East which I


8" I give and bequeath to my Son James M. Palmer the land on which I now

live running up to the line designated above the old Causeway as given above

to David C. Palmer thence down the creek into the mill pond to the old Road

and all the land lying North and north East that I own up said Road to Mr. 

Jenkins land.  9" I give and bequeath to my six * David C. Palmer 

William A.Palmer James M. Palmer Sarah A. Palmer Emma H. Palmer and Mary

A Palmer the following fifteen negroes Billy Hamius susannah, and two child-

ren Hannah Cate Rose Ritter Peggy and one child Lucy and one child John and

one Duffee Six of the above named negroes have already have been given in

the aforesaid deed of trust to my Six children last mentioned, my will and

desire is that all the above named negroes my wife and children remain on

the place I now live and as each child of the above named becomes of age

or marries the boys draw one negro apiece and the girls two according to

valuation, The two negroes first born after this to go to my daughter Re-

becca Jane provided my Executors do not purchase two for her Whatever others

may be born before the division takes place to be divided among the above

named six children in the same Ratio that is to say in the proportion of

two to each boy and three to each girl also a horse Saddle and briddle to

each of the boys last mentioned of resonable value and five cows and calves

to each of my daughters Just above named  10". I recommend that my Executors

sell my Johnson tract of land and a proportion of stock of every Kind or

any other perishale property which they may think proper and I should much

Rather that they would if pofsible purchase the litle negroes for my little

daughter Rebecca Jane and let all the natural increase of the above named

fifteen remain to be divided among my Six children before mentioned, and I


wish it clearly and distinctly understood that if any of my Six above named

children die without lawful ifsue their Respective portions Shall return to

be divided among the survivors of these Six  11" I constitute and appoint

William F. Richardson and David I. Taylor my Sole Executor to se that this

my last will & testament be faithfully executed and carried into effect.

This twentieth day of may A. D. one thousand eight hundred and forty two and

in the Sixty Sixth year of American Independance

Signed Sealed and delivered  )                     David Palmer (SEAL)
in the presence of           )
Thomas G. Rogers             )
Silas White                  )
Andrew. C. White             )

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 72

Original Will Missing

Recorded Jany. 20, 1844

E. B. Wheeler, Ordinary

Roll No. 640

*word undecipherable

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