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Transcribed by David Stephenson, 2 Dec 2000

Will Of

Thomas Stephenson

South Carolina

In The Name Of GOD Amen

I Thomas Stephenon of Marion District in the State Of aforesaid,do make this
my last will and testament in a manor folling , that is to say

1st, To My Beloved wife Elizabeth Stephenson,during the terms of her natural
Life, I give the use of so much of the plantation whereon I Now Live,as is now
cleared and use of woodland adgoining sufficent to support the cleared Land 
given to her, I also give to my said wife during her natural life only the 
folling negroes that is to say, Bristef, his wife Charolotte and her children, 
Isaac, China,and Moses,also Old Pompay and his wife Beck, my mahogany table,
and deck and all my silver plates: I also give to her absolutly and forever 
two fether beds and furniture, two of my horses, four cows and pigs all to be 
chosen from my stock by herself, also: Such Parts Of My Household and Kitchen 
furniture and Plantation Tools as my executors may think necessary to her 
support: also my riding chair and such part of My Provisions on hand,as may 
be sufficent to support herself,her hands and stock untill she has time to 
make a crop for herself.

2ed, To my Son Zachariah Nettles Stephenson, his heirs,and afsigna forever, 
I give and devise all the real estate folling,that is to say,all that part 
of tract of Land situated in the District of Marion when I Purchased First 
from Richard Howard, that lies on the North Side Of Jeffrey's Creek, the run 
of the creek to and from the southern boundary of the land hereby devised, I 
also give himthe folling slaves on the terms herein after expressed, that is 
to say Peter, DY, Harriet,and after the death of My wife, Moses with there 
furnature increased to this day,

3ed To My Son Huger Stephenson, his heirs, and afsigns forever, I give and 
devise all the tract of Land whitch I last Purchased from Richard Howard on 
both sides of Jeffrays creek, in the District Of Marion, I also give him on 
the terms, herein after expressed, the following negros, That is to say 
James Pompey,Jim,Affey,and after the death of my wife, china and their future 
encreases from this day.

4th To My son Timothy James Stephenson,his heirs and afsigns forever, I give 
and devise all the remaining part of that tract of land that I Purchased from 
Richard Howard, situated on the south side of Jefferys creek in the district 
of Marion, subject to use thereof given to my wife during life: Also I give him 
on the terms herein after expressed the following negros, that is to say Dick, 
his wife Venus, Billy, Tom, George and after the death of my wife Isaac, and 
there furniture increase from this day

5th To my daughter Catharine, her heirs and afsigned forever, I Give and devise 
all my lands situated in the District of Darlington: I also give to my said 
daughter during the terms of her natural life and at her death to the heirs of 
her body who may be living at that time of her death, the Following negros, 
That is to say Bacchus, his wife Mima, Mindy, Salvester,Smart, Amy and after 
the death of my wife, Brister and Charlotte, and in case my said daughter should 
die without leaving heirs of her body living at the time of her death , then the 
said negroes shall go to my sons on the terms the negroes before mentioned are 
bequeathed to them, to be equally devided between them, I also give my said 
daughter 2 fether beds and there furniture and my beaufet:and after the death 
of my wife my mahogany table, desk and silver plate.Should eather of my sons 
die before he arrives at the age of 21 years and without issue, The Lands the 
negroes bequeather to him shall go to other sons or!
 there issue. The Land devised to my childre are not to be rented out or planted 
during there respective minorities, unless there other properties should not 
raise a fund sufficient for there education. All the residues of my estate shall 
be sold by my executors, and the proceeds with the monies due me shall be 
applied in payment of my debts and the sum of One Hundred dollars to my wife
(which sum I bequeath her) and in the education of My children: when these 
purpuses are ansered any ballance that may remain, I direct to be equeally 
devided among all my children: My children are to recieve the property above 
bequeathed to them as thay respectfully come of age, in the mean time the 
negroes are to be hired out, and the profits are to be equally devided among 
my said children after supplying any deficiencys there may be in the fund 
provided for there education and support.

The Negros bequeather to my wife for life are to remain within the districts 
of Maron or Darlington, and in case of there removal by her or any other person 
with her consent from the said district, her tital in the said negroes shall 
cease and shall vest in my said children as in case of her death,

I Hereby revoke all former wills by me and constutite and appoint 
Samuel Stephenson, Jeptha Stephenson and Rasha Cannon exectures of this my 
Last will and testament. In witness whereof I Hereunto set my hand and 
subscribe my name in the margin of the sheet of paper hereunto annexed which 
with this sheet of Paper containes my said last will and testament, 
This twenty sixth day of December in the year of our lord on e thousand eight 
hundred and fourteen and thirty eight year of American Independance

Thomas Stephenson (seal)

Signed Published and declaired by the teaster as and for his last will and 
testament in our presence who at his request and in his presence of each other 
subcribed our names as witnesses to the due execution thereof
Nat Hanks
Laurence Prince
Charles Bruce

Recorded In will Book 1 Page 104
Recorded April 2, 1816 Thos Marliee Ord M.D.
Real Number 716

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