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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 10 March 2001


State of South carolina ) I Lewis Wiggins of the State and District
Marion District         ) a fore Said Planter do make ordain and 
Declare this Instrument to Be my Last Will and testament Revoking all others
in item To my Dearly Beloved Wife Charrety Wiggins I give and Bequeth the use 
profit and Benefit of the part of my Esate which is to Be here During her 
widowhood or Natural Life her part is Vis: My Land with all my house hold 
furniture My Mare and Colt With all my hogs one Cow and Calf and five Steers 
and it is my Desire that upon the Death of my wife that all the Said property 
my Land my Houehold furniture my mare and her increase & all the hogs and 
Cattle which may Be a Live at that time to Be Equally Devided Between my three 
Sons Vis..Jofee Lewis and Isaac To my Daughter Desdemony I give and Bequeth 
one Cow and Calf and one Cow and yearling and one Steer and two Sows which 
Said Cattle is in the Ceare of John Morlo

Item To my Son Jofee wiggins I give and Bequeth one Cow and Calf with thr increase

Item To my Son Lewis wiggin I give and Bequeth one Cow and Calf and one year old

Item To my Least Son Isaac I give and Bequeth one two year old Hifer

Item To my Dearly BeLoved wife Charrity wiggins I give and Bequeth one Cow and 
Calf and one Barron Cow and one two year old Hifer which Last Cattle I give to 
her absolute Disposial to do with them as She thinks proper

Lastly I Constitue my Dear BeLoved wife Charrity Wiggins Execrutrix of this will 
and Testament given-under-my-hand-and-Seal-this-Tenth-Da

In witnef_ whero of I have Set my hand and Seal this tenth Day July in the Year 
of our Lord one thou Eight hundred and Nine Sign Seal and Delivered in the 
presents of us


Witnefe                                            Lewis X Wiggins (Seal)
William Keiffe Jr mark
Isaac Meres

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 56 Recorded August, 25, 1809 Ja. McKee Roll No. 1152-3/4 See #791

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