Mumford Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


Contributed by Barbara Cope Svetlick, August 1998

Mumford Cemetery, turn left off Hwy S35-18 from Bennettsville at Junction Hwy S35-50, go 2.3
miles, turn left on dirt road, cemetery on left, completely overgrown.

JONES, Elizabeth, w. Masters and d. James and Mary Mumford, Mar 13, 1830; Aug 13, 1900
MUMFORD, Martha, d. J.R. and Mary Mumford; no dates
Susie, born and died 1905
JONES, James, Sept 13, 1859; May 13, 1907
JONES, Mastin M. June 11, 1832; Sept 30, 1890
JONES, Anderson, Sept 13, 1858; Apr 25, 1874
JONES, Anderson, sept 13, 1858; Apr 25, 1874
JONES, Josiah, Mary 26, 1862; 1871
WOODLE, Ansel, died Jan 26, 1920; age 68 years
WOODLE, Sophronia Mumford, died July 15, 1927; age 71 years
SLONE, Bettie Mumford, w. William s., 1841; May 1, 19112
MUMFORD, Henrietta Usher, w. William Mumford, Feb 2, 1844; Sept 10, 1877
s. George W. Mumford, Sept 24, 1872; Feb 10, 1876
MUMFORD, James, died 1875
MUMFORD, Bettie, age bout 45 years
MUMFORD, Joesira, died 1861; no dates
MUMFORD, Josiah, s. Wm. And Henrietta, March 26, 1867; Aug 14, 1881
CALDER, Caroline, Died June 26, 1911, age 65 years
MUMFORD, Mary, age about 68 years.
MUMFORD, Annie, d. Carey, died 1906

CAULDER, Simeon, born 1867; died Jan. 28, 1926. s. Sandford and Caroline Caulder; buried
Mumford Cemetery; death certificate.

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