Major Claudius Pegues Home, Wallace, SC 
Contributed by Z. T. Leonard

The Pegues house is (was) the oldest house in the country occupied by family members for over 200 years since construction.

The house is located just north of Wallace off Highway 1  about 3 to 4 miles from the North Carolina line. It is marked with a South Carolina historical marker on US 1 at the side road leading to the house.   The Historical Marker reads" REVOLUTIONARY CARTEL  On May 3, 1781 a cartel for the exchange of prisoners of war taken during the American Revolution was signed one mile west of here at the home of Claudius Pegues. Lt. Col Edward Carrington acted for Maj General Nathanael Greene of the Continental Army.  Capt Fredrick Cornwallis, acting for his cousin Lt. Gen Earl Cornwallis signed for the British.  The PEGUES Home was the only completed exchange of prisoners during the Revolutionary War.

The following Excerpts taken from the History of Anson County by Mary L. Medly:

Soon after the Battle at the Guilford County Courthouse., Lord Cornwallis and General Greense entered into correspondence for the exchange of prisoners belonging to the southern armies.  A Captain Broderick, who was first empowered to treat the matter, encountered difficulties and was unable to bring business to a conclusion.  It was finally settled on May 3, 1781, not more than twenty five miles from Anson as the crow flies.  

Among the prisoners exchanged at this time were the British General John Burgoyne captured by Gates at Saratoga New York in 1777 and the American General William Moultrie, taken prisoner at the fall of Charleston in 1780.  During research and writing for Anson's Bicentennial celebration in 1949 the writer made a visit to the Pegues home, then owned by Victor Pegues, a descendant of the Major.  Victor Pegues has since died and the house near Wallace, South Carolina is now owned by his sister, Mrs. Paul Fitzsimmons Hammond  The former Jenny May Pegues. She permitted the writer to visit the home privately and to take a class in local history there.  Royal wax seals hang on the walls of this home showing land grants from George II and George III to the French Huguenots Claudius and others of his family.  William Washington and Light Horse Harry Lee were said to have been visitors in the Pegues Home, which is believed to have been the only point of completed exchange for the Revolutionary Prisoners in America.  The settlement as reported by Bishop Gregg in a quote from General William Moultrie's memoirs and in Pegues family records was reenacted there on Mary 3, 1970 as a feature of South Carolina's Tercentenary Observance. 


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