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Letters from Home
A look at Marlboro's past through letters written by its citizens.

County Evolution - Researching Marlboro records:

SC Map The area known today as Marlboro County was initially part of the large "Royal" county of Craven. An immense area, Craven County covered 1/2 to 2/3rds of the upper part of the State, stretching from the Santee River in the South.

With the creation of judicial districts in 1769, Marlboro became a part of Cheraws District which was split in 1798 to form: Chesterfield, Darlington, and Marlborough Districts, and Cheraw was discarded as a district name.

Marlborough District was established by law on March 12, 1785 and takes its name from John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, an ancestor of Winston Churchill.

Researchers also should be aware that Marlboro was part of the Parish of St. David's, established by the General Assembly in 1768.

Be sure to look at the Marlboro Maps pages, particularly the Historic Evolution map set !

History and Historical Articles

Marlboro County is on the North Carolina border and is contiguous with Scotland and Richmond Counties, NC. In South Carolina, Marlboro County is contiguous with Dillon (Old Upper Marion County), Florence, Darlington, and Chesterfield Counties.

The county seat for Marlboro is the city of Bennettsville which was founded in 1819 and named after Governor Thomas Bennett.

Marlboro County has always been largely agricultural and remains so today. Legend has it that the land is so rich it once sold by the pound instead of the acre. Marlboro was once one of South Carolina's wealthiest counties, and Bennettsville and Clio contain many beautiful homes from the county's gracious past.

The Jennings Brown House, now part of the Marlboro County Historical Museum's holdings, was built in 1827 by one of Bennettsville's first doctors. The house served as headquarters for Major General Frank P. Blair during the Union occupation of Bennettsville in 1865. The Marlboro County Courthouse served as headquarters for General William Tecumseh Sherman.

Letters From Home

Letter written in 1841 by Shadrack Fuller Jr, Marlboro County, SC,
to his brother, Samuel, Conecuh Co., AL.

Contributed by Esther Hogue.

On "Redbones/Croatans/Lumbee"
Letter written in 1893 to Mr. McDonald Furman by J.A.W. Thomas on the subject of
Marlboro County "mixed races". QUICK researchers may find this interesting.

Contributed by Patsy Quick.

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