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Marlboro County, SC

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Surnames Beginning with "J"


JACKSON, Enos Private G8th Regiment Infantrywounded Savage Station; died 1864
JACKSON, James A. L. Private G8th Regiment Infantrywounded Fredericksburg; died 1884
Jackson, John C. Private K8th Regiment Infantrydied in prison, Camp Chase
Jacobs, J. Frost Private K8th Regiment Infantry--
Jacobs, Robt. Private K8th Regiment InfantrySubstitute T. Edens
John, Daniel C. Private K8th Regiment Infantry Transferred to Company H, Peterkin's Cavalry
/ Victoria Proctor, Jan 2005
JOHN, D. S.3rd Lieut. G23rd Regiment Infantry Lost leg at Second Manassas, died 1893
April 19, 1919 Sue John of Bennettsville, Marlboro County applied for pension for David Spears John's service in Company G, Twenty-third Regt, S.C. Volunteers

/ Victoria Proctor, Jan 2005
John, J.T. -- HPeterkin's Cavalry--
John, P.M. -- HPeterkin's Cavalry--
JOHNSON, Daniel Private G8th Regiment Infantrydied 1861
JOHNSON, Hugh T. Private G8th Regiment Infantrytransferred to cavalry 1862
JOHNSON, Neill D. Private G8th Regiment Infantrydied in Virginia 1862
Johnson, R.1st Lieut. B24th Regiment Infantry promoted captain 1863; lost arm 1863; resigned 1863; died 1884
JONES, James H. Private G8th Regiment Infantrydied 1895
Jones, John C. Private K8th Regiment Infantrydischarged 1861
Jones, Martin Private K8th Regiment Infantry lost arm first Manassas, discharged

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