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The War Between the States

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CAPTAIN R. C. EMANUEL, died since war
ELISHA C. PIPKIN, 1st lieutenant, died during war
A. L. McRAE, 2d lieutenant, elected captain at reorganization; killed Manassas
PRESTON DRAKE, 3d lieutenant, died since war
SALATHIEL LEGGETT, 1st sergeant, elected 1st lieutenant at reorganization; dead
WM. W. COVINGTON, 2d sergeant, elected 3d lieutenant at reorganization; promoted captain, 
  died since war
D. S. JOHN, 3d lieutenant, lost leg at Second Manassas, died 1893
SILAS SPEARS, 4th sergeant, elected 3d lieutenant 1862; wounded Jackson, Mississippi; died
MOSES P. GALLOWAY, 5th sergeant, elected 3d lieutenant 1863; died 1894
T.M.J. SUMMERFORD, 1st corporal, died since war
T.W. ALLEN; 2nd corporal, killed at batted of Rappahannock
JOHN A. CALHOUN, 3d corporal, elected 2d lieutenant 1863; wounded South Mountain and Fort 
  Steadman, alive
JAMES TAYLOR, 4th corporal; killed Second Manassas


1. Ammons, Silas, lost leg at Second Mannassas; still living
2. Bristow, E.H., alive
3. Bruce, T. R. transferred to 8th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers.
4. Boan, B.F., still living
5. Brigman, B. F., still living
6. Bristow. J.M., transferred; still living
7. Breeden, R. J., survived the war, but murdered since.
8. Bethea, P.W., alive
9. Brigman, Frank, alive
10. Brigman, Madison, still living
11. Carribo, Henry, killed at Petersburg
12. Cottingham, Jonathan, transferred; still living
13. Carter, W.J., transferred; alive
14. Cope, Elijah, transferred, alive
15. Calder, Boswell, alive
16. Calder, W. J. transferred; still living
17. Calder, Arthur, alive
18. Cole, James, died since war
19. Cox, M.C. died since war
20. Cox, Ely, died during way
21. Cox, W.E. wounded in foot near Goldsboro, NC, alive
22. Cox, Elvin, died since war
23. Cox, C.A. wounded in shoulder at Rappahannock
24. Carlisle, T.F., wounded at Fort Sumter and Pe4tersburg, alive
25. Cully, C.W., transferred; died since war
26. Crowly, W., killed Second Manassas
27. Clark, ?   wounded Petersburg; still living
28. Clark, Daniel, alive
29. Clark, Elsey, killed Second Manassas
30. Calhoun, A.L. still living
31. Calhoun, J.C., killed Petersburg
32. Calhoun, H.H., still living
33. Covington, J.A., killed Petersburg, Virginia
34. Dew, H.C. still living
35. Driggers, J.H., still living
36. DuPre, T. J., died since war
37. Dunford, John, died at Richmond, Virginia
38. Driggers, Alex, discharged, died since war
39. Emanuel, Columbus, died since war
40. Emanuel, Frank, died since war
41. Earl, Jesse, lost
42. English, James, died since war
43. English, John, transferred and died since war
44. English, Chas., still alive
45. Freeman, Lorenzo, killed Second Manassas
46. Graham, J.J. wounded Rappahannock, transferred; alive
47. Graham, Windsor, transferred; died since war
48. Gray, William, alive
49. Gray, Robt., wounded Kinston and Petersburg; alive
50. Gray, Calvin, dead
51. Garner, Wm., transferred; alive
52. Gilbert, Robt. Alive
53. Galloway, Jos. S. wounded Petersburg; alive
54. Galloway, W. A., wounded Jackson Mississippi; alive
55. Galloway, Jno. C. wounded Petersburg; alive
56. Heustiss, James, discharged, over age
57. Heustiss, A.J., discharged under age, alive
58. Hood, John, died during war
59. Hood, Wellington, killed Second Manassas
60. Hood, Wiley, alive
61. Hubbard, S.G., wounded Second Manassas; still living
62. Hubbard, E.G., died in Mississippi during war, of fever
63. Hersey.G.R. transferred; died since war
64. Haithcock, R.F. wounded Petersburg, alive
65. Haithcock, R. discharged; died since war
66. Haithcock, Samuel, wounded Fort Steadman, alive
67. Hamer, Daniel H. alive
68. Ivy, H.M. killed Second Manassas
69. Jackson, Abner, died since war
70. Jackson, John, transferred, died since war
71. Johnson, W.D. lost sight of
72. Jackson, A.W., wounded, transferred; alive
73. Jackson, Wm., died since war
74. Lochlier, John, died in hospital in North Carolina
75. Meekins, P.J., wounded Petersburg; alive
76. Munford, Wm., transferred; alive
77. Moody, Geo. Transferred; died since war
78. McLaurin, J.B., elected 2d lieutenant at reorganization, resigned; dead
79. McLaurin, D.McQ., died during war
80. McLaurin, N.D. alive
81. McLaurin, Geo, alive
82. McLaurin, J.J. died in 1892
83. McLaurin, H.L., wounded Petersburg; alive
84. McLaurin, D.W. wounded Petersburg; alive
85. McLaurin, Hugh, died Jackson, Mississippi
86. McEachern, Niell, alive
87. McEachern, John, died Richmond Virginia
88. McKenzie, R. H., killed South Mountain, Maryland
89. McRae, John T. transferred; killed
90. McRae, Chas. Alive
91. McColl, Silas, wounded Jackson Mississippi; alive
92. McColl, Duncan, transferred; alive
93. McColl, Jno S. wounded Second Manassas, disabled
94. McAlister, John, transferred; alive
95. McAlister, Chas., transferred alive
96. McColl, Daniel, died Jackson, Mississippi of fever
97. McGilvray, B.F., killed Five Forks, Virginia
98. Napier, Joel E. wounded Petersburg; still living
99. Parish, Henry, still living
100. Parham, Henry, transferred; alive
101. Polson, Alex, wounded and died
102. Polson, David, alive
103. Protor, Frederick, alive
104. Proctor, Aaron, killed Petersburg
105. Parham, Robt. Alive
106. Quick, Alfred, died since war
107. Quick, Giles, died since war
108. Quick, Philip, died Savannah, Georgia, fever
109. Quick, Daniel, died at home of fever
110. Quick, Jas. H. wounded Five Forks; alive
111. Quick, Henry, killed Second Manassas
112. Quick, Pleasant, killed Petersburg, Virginia
113. Quick. E. B., alive
114. Quick.A.W., alive
115. Rae, A. P. transferred to North Carolina Regiment; dead
116. Rascoe, Wm. Transferred; died since war
117. Spears, Harris N. alive
118. Spears, Wm., alive
119. Seals, James, wounded Five Forks; died since war
120. Stubbs, Jas, wounded Petersburg; alive
121. Stubbs, John killed Antietam, Maryland
122. Stubbs, Joel, died during way
123. Sawyer Levi, killed Second Manassas
124. Stergis, John, lost an arm at Second Manassas
125. Stergis, Joseph, discharged
126. Sawyer, Joel, alive
127. Stanton, W.G. alive
128. Stanton, W. H. died since war
129. Stanton, J.H. killed Five Forks, Virginia
130. Stanton, Peter, alive
131. Steed, W.H. wounded Petersburg; alive
132. Stogner, John wounded Jackson, Mississippi; alive
133. Stogner, Wm., wounded Five Forks, Virginia; alive
134. Sports, W.B. died during war
135. Sports, John, discharged; bad health
136. Thomas, Philip, alive
137. Wallace, Washington, wounded Second Manassas; died since war
138. Wilkins, J.T. transferred; died since war
139. Wiloughby, J.P. transferred died since war
140. Wiggins, Ham, died during war
141. Webb, David, died since war
142. Webb, Alex, wounded Petersburg; died since war
143. Weatherly, E.A. transferred; still living
144. Warden, Eli, lost
145. Welch, Richard, transferred; died since war
146. Sinclair, D.C., transferred, died since war
147. McColl, W.M., alive

Killed in Battle     19
Wounded              33
Died during War      17
Transferred          26
Discharged            6
Lost                  3
Died since war       40
Alive                72

The data above was extracted and contributed by Barbara Cope Svetlick, volunteer extraordinaire, August 1998.


A History of Marlboro County, South Carolina by J.A.W. Thomas
Reprint sponsored by the Marlborough Historical Society
Gateway Press, Inc.
Baltimore 1989
Originally published Atlanta, 1897
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 73-181859
International Standard Book Number 0-8063-7985-5

The notations after each man is  his status when the book was written in the late 1890s.  
The book was published posthumously in 1897.

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