South Carolina Loyalist (Tory) Militia

by Victoria Proctor

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Richard King's Regiment,
Long Cane Militia,
Upper 96 Brigade,
Capt. Jesse Campbell's Company.

Colonel Cotton's Regiment,
Stevenson's Creek Militia,
96 Brigade,
Capt. John Larrance's Company.

Colonel John Purves

Colonel Benjamin Roebuck

Colonel Banastre Tarleton

Source Notes:

1. Confiscated estates lists, published in the Royal Gazette newspaper at Charleston, 20 March 1782.

2. Sabine, Lorenzo. Biographical sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution. (2nd Ed., 1864)

3. Records of the Loyalist Claims Commission, PRO, London

4. Miscellaneous Papers on Forfeited Estates, File Number S126170, Box 4, SCDAH, Columbia.
Record group includes returns filed by Tory militia commanders filed in 1783, as a result of Ordinance No. 1189, passed by the South Carolina Fifth General Assembly 17 March 1783.

Graphics and background property of Victoria Proctor

Graphics by Victoria

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