Francis Marion

South Carolina Militia
by Victoria Proctor


With special thanks to Jean Prather and Bil Brasington, who graciously contributed lists to add to my first efforts on this subject. A work in progress, I am making additions based on my own research and adding the corresponding text from the references cited. This will, of course, take a considerable amount of time. (Please be patient.) Corrections and additions are most welcome!

While every effort is made to present accurate information here, the researcher should keep in mind that Marion's band of Patriots fought essentially a guerilla war against the British. Formal Muster rolls were virtually non-existant and any effort to identify those who fought with Marion will rely heavily on "acceptable" secondary sources. (See Boddie's Preface, below)
--Victoria Proctor


  • LETTERnumber=Stub indent book, page number (*See explanation below)
  • Bod= Boddie. History of Williamsburg.
  • DeS= DeSaussure, Wilmot G. Officers Who Served in the South Carolina Regiments Charleston, 1894.
  • Gee= Fletcher, W.J. The Gee Family.
  • Gregg= Gregg, Bishop. History of the Old Cheraws. 1867
  • James= James. Life of Marion.
  • Kinfolks= Harllee, William Curry. Kinfolks. Published by author, 1934
  • Simms= Simms, William Gilmore. The Life of Francis Marion. [E-text available on this site.--vp]
  • Weems= Weems, Mason Locke. The Life of General Francis Marion. [E-text available on this site. If an entry is referenced only in Weems, use with extra caution--vp]
  • General Francis Marion's Men
    A List of Twenty-five Hundred
    Compiled by
    William Willis Boddie
    24 Lamboll Street
    Charleston, South Carolina
    May 25, 1938
    Compiled by William Willis Boddie, 1938

    from Boddie:
      "Several years after the War of the Revolution, all of MARION'S MEN who submitted claims for services were paid. A copy of each indent by which paid was made on the stub and these stubs were bound in books named for the letters in the alphabet, the stubs and indents numbered. Most of the names in this List were taken from the stubs of those old Pay Indents, the letter showing the book and the figures the number of the indent.
    Hence (X65) means in the List that proof of payment to the man may be found in Pay Indent book X, at number 65.

    (DeS.) refers to De Saussure's List of South Carolina Officers in the War of the Revolution, as published in the Charleston Year Book for 1893, the number of the page on which the name may be found.
    (Weems) refers to Weems's Life of Marion, the number of the page;
    (James), refers to James' Life of Marion;
    (Simms), refers to Simm's Life of Marion;
    (Gregg) refers to Bishop Gregg's "History of the Old Cheraws";
    (Bod.), refers to Boddie's History of Williamsburg;
    (Gee), refers to The Gee Family, an excellent history and genealogy of that family recently compiled by W. J. Fletcher; and
    (Kinfolks), refers to the extraordinary genealogy of Harllee and allied families by Col. William Curry Harllee, Marine Corps, retired. Kinfolks contains sketches of a great many of MARION'S MEN named in this List."

ALSTON, WilliamWeems 119 
Anthony AshbySimms 316 
BAXTER, John X 1155 
BENTON, LemuelDeS 227 
Hugh ErvinSimms 222 
John ErvinDeS 229 
Hugh GilesJames 44 
Henry HamptonDeS 211 
Richard HamptonDeS 210 
Wade HamptonDeS 210 
John HardenSimms 23 
William HardenDeS 230 
HICKS, George Gregg 408"colonel, 1779-80-81"
HORRY, HughSimms 105 
HORRY, Peter  
Edmund Hyrne DeS 210 
Joseph KershawDeS 232 
KOLB, Abel DeS 232
Gregg 245
Gregg: [Listed as officer in Col. Powell's Regiment of Militia, St. David's Parish, Volunteer Corps] "Captain Abel Kolb, [commissioned] 25th Sept., 1775
Henry LeeSimms 177 
Hezekiah MahamDeS 211 
Archibald McDonaldSimms 298 
Stephen MillerDeS 233 
James PostellSimms 173 
Gabriel G, PowellDeS 233 
John PurvisDeS 234 
Richard RichardsonSimms 151 
Thomas ScrevenSimms 290 
Maurice SimonsDeS 235 
Wm Clay SnipesSimms 246 
Charles H StewardDeS 236 
William WashingtonSimms 243 
Cleland John  
Flagg Henry C.DeS 210 
Hart OliverDeS 210 
Irvine MatthewJames 126 
Read William DeS 212 
Rodgers AlexanderDeS 212 
Theus Perrin DeS 236 
Tourney JamesP 362  
William ArmstrongDeS 208 
John BensonSimms 298 
Abram BuckholdtDeS 228 
William ButlerSimms 228 
James ConyersDeS 228 
Samuel CooperDeS 228 
George FordDeS 230 
John GambleDeS 230 
Charles HardenL 8 
Derrill HartDeS 228 
Benjamin HugerJames 37 
John JamesSimms 118 
LIDE, Robert Gregg 410Major, Marion's Brigade, 1782
Hugh McCollDeS 233 
Alexander McIntoshDeS 211 
Stephen MullerJames 7 
Maurice MurphyX 40 
John PearsonDeS 234 
John PostellSimms 173 
Thomas SabbY 1068 
Keating SimonsDeS 235 
Alexander SwintonDeS 126 
Tristan ThomasY 1069 
Thomas ThompsonDeS 236 
John VanderhorstDeS 213 
Windham, Alexander  
Officers Cont'd and NCOs

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