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South Carolina Ships' Lists
by Victoria Proctor

The _________?
sailed from Great Britain to Charleston, South Carolina in 1767-8. The ship, piloted by a Frenchman named Jean Louis du Mesne de St. Pierre of Normandy, was originally bound for Nova Scotia. St. Pierre's passengers petitioned for land in South Carolina under the Bounty Act of 1761.

Journal of the South Carolina Council
Council Journal 34, pages 101-103
Meeting of 9th March 1768.

"His Excellency the Governor informed the Board that Monsieur Demesne De St. Pierre a french Gentleman having presented to him a Memorial to him setting forth that he sailed from Great Britain with an intention of going to Halifax with a number of Protestant Colonists but they have been drove into this port by distress of Weather he had determined to remain here and settle in this province which Memorial His Excellency has referred to the Commons House of Assembly who had thereupon resolved to allow them the Bounty given persons attending and having taken the oaths of allegiance His Excellency was pleased to direct that Public Treasurer should out of any money in his Hands belonging to the public pay to the said Dumese De. St. Pierre the sum of One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety Seven Pounds Currency the sum resolved by the Assembly to be granted to them by the said Resolution. The following petitions for Warrants of Survey on the Bounty were then presented and read VIZ

 ACRESAlternate Spelling
[See note below]
Robert CASTLE150 
Jacob Dilli CHAUX250Jacob DELACHEAU
Adam De MARTILE100 
Jean Louis DEMESNE
Henrick DRYER200Henry DRAYER
John DUVAL100 
Johannes Gerlough FLICK250John George FLICK
Henrick GASPER100Henry GASPERD
Elizabeth FORRESTER100 
Thomas GOGUETT100 
Archibald HEYNARD100 
Francis KELLET
100Francis HELLER?
Abraham PAW150Abram PAUX
Laurens REVERE100Laurens RIVIERRE
John James STEIFEL100John Jacob STIFFELL
Ann Dorothea Elizabeth YEASON100 
Peter Michl, KING200Peter Mich'l LeROY
Robert ROGERS100 
Francis La. LANDE100Francis DELALANDE
Magdeline LeQUE150 

"In Hillsborough Township or on Savannah River ORDERED that the Secretary do prepare Warrants of Survey as prayed for by the petitioners."

*Note - the alternate names / spellings are found in the Council Journal 34, 175-176, Meeting 8th July 1768. "Petition for Town and Vineyard Lotts in Hillsborough Township".--vp

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