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This bible record was discovered March 1999 in Oklahoma

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"From the bible of Lucinda C. Pinson Hill, daughter of Elihu and Nancy Henderson Pinson.  Lucinda was born in Laurens County, South Carolina as was her husband, Levi Newton Hill.  Levi and Lucinda were married in Pontotoc County, Mississippi and moved to Polk County, Arkansas about 1872.  The bible is in the possession of Lucinda’s great-granddaughter, Rena Fay Kimbrell."

Elihu and Nancy Pinson was married April the first 1832
James ct. and Canzada Collins was married Jan the 4th 1849
Levi N Hill and Lucinda Pinson was married November 9 the 1857

Lucinda C. Pinson was born April 12th 1833
Austin J. Pinson was born June 20th 1835
Rebecca T. Pinson was born March 23rd 1837
Mastin H. Pinson was born Oct 26th 1841
William H. Pinson was born (month and day unreadable) 1841
James A. Collins was born April the 4th 1820
Haysten Tresvein Price was born Oct the 26th 1821
Levi N. Hill was born August 31 1835

Lucinda Hill was born April 12 the 1833
Mastin Lee Hill was born February the 4th 1862
Rebecca T. Hill was born 6 of May 1864
Nancy L. Levicy  Hill born April 6th 1871
John E Hill was born March 31 1874
Robert Newton Hill born 2 October 1877

Austin J. Pinson departed this life 14th of July 1849 a son of Elihu and Nancy Pinson

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