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Submitted By Frances Wait Waldrup

I tracked down the Wait Family Bible where it was listed as going to my gr grandfather, Philip Wait's, daughter, Peachey Wait Tinney. I searched everywhere for this family and two yrs ago found an article in "Howard County Heritage" book, in Nashville, Ark, where this Tinney family along with other Wait descendants went before Civil War. There are many Laurens County names I recognized in this book connected to my Wait Family, for instance, Clardy, Anderson, Graves and Tinney. You can imagine how very thrilled I was when I found a Tinney relative who had the Bible. The Bible was in horrible condition as it was in a fire at the old Tinney home and the ancestor gave the Bible to someone in Nashville who was interested in genealogy and cannot remember her name. Anyway, she had copies of the stats and that is what I have as follows: They are copied with no spelling corrections. The parentheses are mine.


Marriages -

John Wait and Frances (Graves) Waits was married Dec 11, 1781

Franklin Wait and Orphie Hansel Sims was married April 27, 1828

Franklin Wait and Sarah West, his second wife was married April 5, 1837

John Richard Tinny and Peacha(ey) Level Wait married Feb 3, 1848, by Rev.
James Smith, all of Laurens Dist, SC

Births -

John Wait, a sun of John Wait, was bornd the year of our Lord 1757 on the
15th day of August (Culpeper, Va)

Phililp Waits was bornd Sept 20th, 1788

Peacha(ey) Waits was born March the 2nd, 1786

Mariah Parks Wait (Sims) was born Apr-3rd, 1788

Elizabeth Waits Sims was born Feb 27th, 1790

John W. Wait was born July 10th, 1794

Fanny (Frances) Wait was born Feb 14th, 1790 ?

John Richard Tinny was born Feb 24th, 1818

John Louis Wait, son of Franklin Wait, was born March the 31st, 1829

John T. (Travis) Wait was born March the 31st, 1829

Mariah Ann Frances Sims was born July 5th, 1840

John J. Sims March the 19th, 1843

James Robert Wait was born Sept 11, 1854

Mary Emmer Tinny was born Sept 19th, 1857

Charles Rush Tinny was born March 20th, 1859

John Richard Tinny was born Sept 20th, 1861

Deaths -

Lewis Graves Sr. departed this life 11th May 1810

Absalum Bobo departed this life June 15th, 1811

John Creecy departed this life Jan 18, 1812

George Washonton drowned himself August 8th, 1813

Mariah Sims departed this life Nov 22nd, 1815

William Powell departed this Life 17th of Dec 1816

Amy Bobo departed this life Sept 10th, 1823

Lucy Wright Smith departed this life June the 27th 1826, daughter of John
and Jane Smith

Charles Lewis Smith was born August the 26th, 1829 and departed this life
the 6th day of Dec in the same date 1829 - Son of John and Jame Smith

Philip Wait died 15th Feb 1830

Aug the 11th, 1830, Orphie H. Wait departed this life. Wife of Franklin Wait

March 7th 1836 John Wait Senior departed this life after enduring
excruciating pain in perfect peace

Rhoda Francis Wait, wife of P. Wait, died July 20, 1847

Polly Francis Spoon departed this life July 11, 1852

Liewdner Bascom Clardy departed this life May 18th, 1855

John C. Clardy was born and died Sept 20, 1856

P.C. Wait departed this life Sept 5th, 1862 - Age 14 years 6 months

John Robert Wait died Sept the 15th, 1875 - age 21 years 5 days

Peacha(ey) Level Tinny departed this life Sept 26th, 1886 in full assurance
of a blistful immortality

John Richard Tinny, Sr., died March 1st, 1907 at l:05 A.M.

Charles Rush Tinny died May 28th, 1895

Mary Emma Tinny died Feb 22nd, 1926

John Richard Tinny died July 19, 1936
Submitted By E-mailFrances Wait Waldrup

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