Descendants of John Allen, Sr R.S.

Generation No. 1

1. John1 Allen, Sr R.S. was born November 06, 1772 in Allendale, SC area (Source: A handwritten record sent by Patricia Graham says that he is a son of James Allen., From Uncle Walter Speight Bryan son of Robt B Bryan I, DAR Recds of Mrs Jack G Jennings; Screven Co History by C D Hollingsworth.), and died December 12, 1825 in Barnwell Dist, SC - b Swallow Savannah Cem, Allendale, SC (53 yrs-6 mo-1 day) (Source: Records of Allens sent by Patricia Graham, including census, hand written family records and published records, old handwritten paper, unsigned, of family history, Wiregrass GA Vol II makes a mistake in confusing John Allen, Sr, John Allen Jr and James Allen. (pages 25-26); Between the two graves of John and Ann is a small slab: "Removed from Plantation 1 1/4 miles NE of Station in Allendale 1958."). He married Ann Nancy Dewees in SC, daughter of Cornelius Dewees and Sarah Minors.

Notes for John Allen, Sr R.S.:

(Note from Judy Canant, Compiler of the Allen information: The letter, below, from Don, echoes my thoughts, also. It should be given some attention and research. It may be helpful to examine the Josiah Allen file which is also posted on Allendale GenWeb.)

Subj: Re: ALLEN file

Date: 98-02-19 13:17:35 EST

From: DONHAYWORTH@Prodigy.Net

For all of you trying to determine the parents and earlier ancestors of John, Allen Sr., who married Ann Nancy Dewees, I have collected and reviewed a lot of data and offer the following possibilities for your consideration and further research. Note that I cannot prove any of this beyond the data that I reference in the following text, but believe the connections are at least worth additional follow-up.

(1) I believe that it is probable that John Allen Sr. is a son of the Josiah G. Allen who died intestate in 1824. (See the record recently sent by Linda which references Film # 0954248-I-923, item 18, pg 39) -------- This possible connection is based on the facts that a John Allen was initially named as administrator for the estate of Josiah G. Allen when he died in 1824. At the time the reference petition was filed in 1843, Leroy Allen was administrator, d.b.n., John Allen having died prior to 1843. John Allen Sr. was living in 1824, but died in 1826. He also had a son Leroy Allen who would have been a logical successor to his father as administrator. Administrators of estates are often a close relative of the deceased; a brother, or more often a son if one of the sons is of an age to serve in this capacity. Based upon these facts and the proximity and time factors, I believe it is probable that the John Allen initially named as administrator of the estate is the same as John Allen, Sr. and a son of Josiah G. Allen.

(2) I believe it is also probable that the Josiah G. Allen above is the same person as the Josiah Allen (also known as Josiah Allen, Jr.) who was a Lt. in the Revolutionary War, born ca 1745, and the father of Joseph Allen, Sr. who married Sarah Ann Bryan. ------- This possibility is based on the fact that John Allen, Sr. had a brother named Joseph Allen who is believed to be the son of a Josiah Allen and (unknown) Etheridge. This would mean that Josiah G. Allen married first, probably about 1768 (unknown) Etheridge. Children of this first marriage would have included John Allen, Sr., Joseph Allen, Sr., Jennett Allen and possibly others not known. His second marriage would have been to Sarah E. Bryan, who was much younger than him, and their only child was the Ann Allen mentioned in the reference film. Note that Joseph Allen, Sr. and Jennett Allen could not have been the children of the Josiah Allen who died in 1782 (see point 3 below) because they would have still been minors at the time of his death and were not so named.

(3) It is possible that the father of Josiah G. Allen (who may also have been known as Josiah Allen Jr. until after his father's death) was the Josiah Allen born ca 1730 in VA, died 1782 in SC, and who married Elizabeth DeLoach (probably in early 1750s). ------ This Josiah Allen (who would have been styled Josiah Allen, Sr.) is known to have had a son James Allen who was his eldest son and administrator of his estate when he died in 1782. This is most likely the James West Allen, born ca 1750, who married Mary "Polly" Young and would have been the older brother of Josiah G. Allen/Josiah Allen, Jr.. While these two were probably sons of Josiah Allen, Sr. and Elizabeth DeLoach, the younger children named in his estate were most likely children from a second marriage to an unknown spouse.

(4) Should the first two points above be valid (the third point is not relevant to the following), it is interesting to note that Joseph Allen, Jr (son of Joseph Allen, Sr. and Sarah Ann Bryan) would be a grandson of Josiah G. Allen. This would mean that when Joseph Allen Jr. married Sarah E. Bryan Allen he married his grandfather's second wife and widow (who would have been his step-grandmother although she was younger than Joseph, Jr.). I have come across similar situations in researching other families. In fact marrying the widow of a close relative, although usually the widow of a brother, was very common in those days. Note that the only blood relationship of Joseph Jr. and Sarah was that she was a cousin of his mother.

While I realize that none of these points a proven, I believe that they are viable possibilities and should be considered by anyone pursuing further research. I would be interested in any information any of you might have to prove or disprove any of the above points.

Don Hayworth


More About John Allen, Sr R.S.:

Church: Bet. 1815 - 1816, One of the original members of Swallow Savannah Methodist Church (Source: Allendale on the Savannah, p 78.)

Fact 1: January 23, 1804, Bought land with bro John from Wm H Conner (Source: Barnwell Dist, Sc Office of Clerk of Court, Deed Book E, page 21, Wm H Conner sold to John and Joseph Allen 400 A for $550, Witnesses William Bryan, Sr and Ezekial Stokes. Lewis Bryan JP DD)

Fact 2: Served in SC Militia during Rev War (Source: Records of Allens sent by Patricia Graham, including census, hand written family records and published records, Also referred to in Wiregrass GA Vol II, page 25-26.)

Fact 3: July 09, 1817, Instument by John Allen - bill of sale as gift to Joseph Bryan as trustee (Source: Records of Allens sent by Patricia Graham, including census, hand written family records and published records, Bill of Sale, as gift to Joseph Bryan as trustee for Mrs Ann Allen, his wife, conveying a number of slaves that had been inherited by her - Book A - C, page 65 misc Records S C Historical Com.)

Notes for Ann Nancy Dewees:

Written on tomb stone:

Sacred to the memory of Mrs Ann Allen who died 29th Dec. 1847 Aged 68 years 6 months and 22 days. "thy sun shall no more go down neither shall thy moon withdraw itself the Lord shall be thine everlasting light and the days of thy mourning shall be ended. W T White"


The following is copied from the records of Mrs Sarah Minors Dewees (widow of Charles Minors, Sr and of Cornelius Dewees), mother of Ann Dewees Allen, Rebecca Dewees Bryan, M Margaret Dewees Bryan, and Elizabeth Dewees Bessel :

Estate Bundle 29-10 Barnwell Probate Judge office, Estate of Sarah Dewees 2 Feb 1818 exe Joseph Bryan---Robert Minors. Will made 6 Nov 1816. Probated 2 Feb 1818 -- To son Robert Minors - Dau Eliz. Minors - dau Margaret Moor (widow of Wm Moore who died 1810, Mary dau of Margaret married James Madison Loper son of my Rev. Jonathon Loper and Eliz. Bro Wm A Loper and Rachel Stokes) to dau Rebecca Bryan, to dau Ann Allen, to Dau. Eliz Bepel (Bessell in German)

Witnesses: Walter Allen, Ben Coleman, Ann Coleman.

There was present at estate sale Lewis Bryan,Simon Bryan and Lewis Bryan, Simon Bryan and Josiah Gallow, Wm Bryan and Margaret Moore's son Thomas and Robert Minors. Estate 31-3 18 Sept, 1818.

Marg Moore buried ?????? (Smyrna-JPC) Church 5 Mar 1770. 7 Sept 1855 deed book J p 329 Sarah Dewees sold slaves to John Allen, Walter Allen and Soloman Owens. Deed Book J page 32-36 John Allen with Wm and Pricella Southwell 2 & A to Wm Jr.

Bundle 38-12 Thomas Brooks 15 Feb 1822 and accounting pd 1 Jan 1825 John Allen in right of wife Eliza Jeter 300.00 and John J Claton in right of wife Lavinia Jeter. John M Allen wife Zilphor (Zippora Humphreys-JPC) was son of Ann Dewees D-184?, bundell 10-52

Bundle 10-52 John Sr (?)

45-10 John ??? son of John Sr. 23 Dec 1825 Joseph Bryan App.

46-2 Josiah G 5 Feb 1825

124-10 1850 26 May Sarah Humphrey - "this was a dau of Ziphia wife of Col John Allen and dau Sarah wife of Martin L Bryan" (this info is wrong. Zippora was a sister of Sarah Asenath Humphrey's mother - JPC)


Deed Recorded 1st Dec. 1836:

South Carolina, Barnwell District} Know all men by these present that I Ann Allen in consideration of the affection I entertain for my son Paul Allen, as well as ten dollars to me in hand paid by Paul Allen, I have given and by these presents do give and convey unto the said Paul Allen my one third part of a certain tract of Land containing 780 acres known by the name of the Budd tract making 260 acres. (She kept one third entirely unto herself with all its rights, etc during her lifetime) ( Signed) the ( ) day of November in the year 1836 and in the sixty first year of American Independence.

Signed and delivered}

In presence of}

J W Allen (signed) Ann Allen

Henry B Rice


Note from compiler, Judith Presnell Canant: There seems to be confusion over who Paul H Allen's parents are. Please note that all legal documents signed by Ann Lewis Bryan Allen (wife of James Allen, Sr) were signed with her mark (X), indicating that she was unable to write. This document, above, is signed by Ann Allen, herself, and not with a mark. This indicates, to me, that this is a different Ann - one who was able to sign her name. Note that the witnesses are different, also. The Budd tract is not mentioned in any documents, that I have seen, of the other Ann Bryan (wife of son, James). If anything, further, is submitted to show/prove that the parents of Paul H Bryan were 2 other people, it will be changed in these records.

Generation No. 2

2. James2 Allen, Sr (John1) was born Aft. 1785 in Barnwell Dist, SC (Source: Records of census, published records and hand written details of family history and dates unsigned., Wiregrass GA Vol III, p 392, "James Allen was never a resident of Georgia." from handwritten record; Recds of Walter S Bryan.), and died 1821 in Barnwell Dist, SC see instrument filed June 16, 1836 by widow and children (Source: Records of Allens sent by Patricia Graham, including census, hand written family records and published records, Instrument filed in Barnwell, SC by widow Mrs Ann Allen and her children, June 16, 1836, states that he died in 1821. Barnwell Courthouse.). He married Ann Louis Lewis Bryan 1804 in Orangeburg Dist, SC (Source: Microfiche U, page 423 - South Carolina), daughter of Joseph Bryan and Elizabeth Hargett.

Notes for James Allen, Sr: Wiregrass Ga later corrects previous assumption that this James Allen was John Allen (Vol II, p 28)

"(1)Some corrections are necessary by reason of the discovery by the Compiler of a Court of Equity Proceeding in Barnwell Dist, SC, since publication of Volume II. The proceeding was filed Mar 10, 1836 (see below). The foregoing (2)(written out below) shows conclusively that the father of the Allen brothers named (in the Proceeding), who moved to Lowndes Co GA was not John Allen but but rather James Allen. By Local inquiry the Compiler had not been able to learn who was the husband of Mrs Ann Allen who moved to Lowndes Co, and had concluded the gift of slave instrument referred to in the sketch, showed who her husband was" (note from Judy Canant: that instrument was from the father of James Allen, John Allen, Sr, who was married to another Ann, Ann Dewees of SC). "It must now be concluded that her husband was not John but rather James Allen, and the Mrs Ann Allen who received the gift of slaves was a different Ann Allen from her who moved to S GA. (3) Paul Allen listed in Vol II, was evidently a son of John and Ann Allen and not of James and Ann Allen, similarly so with Norman Allen (Vol 1)." (Judy Canant: Norman is not named as son of John Allen Sr and his wife Ann Dewees Allen in anything that I have seen. I welcome any proof of this assumption in order to make the Allen history complete).

Barnwell Co Deed Records:

Hansford D Duncan vs Mrs Anne Allen, et al Specific Performance and Partition. Filed Mar 10, 1836.

Petitioner says that he found a tract of vacant land on Lemon Swamp in Barnwell District, containing about 1000 acres; he proposed to James Allen of said district that same be taken up and run into a grant, Allen paying the expenses of same and petitioner running same out, and grant to issue to Allen but to be owned half and half between them. Allen died (blank date) and prior to his death acknowledge petitioner's interest in said property. Said James Allen died (blank date) leaving as his heirs-at-law his widow Mrs Anne Allen and the following children: John Allen, Richard Allen, James Allen, Hansford Allen, William Allen. Prays for partition and vesting of one-half of land in him.

Defendants' answer filed 6/16/1836; say they know nothing about any such equity of plaintiff; that the said James Allen died in 1821, and they found the grant in his name among his papers; they have told petitioner if he could establish his claim or right to any part of the land they would convey it to him without necessity of court proceedings, but he has failed to do so; Allen kept up all the taxes on the land, and his admr. has paid same since then till now. Willis J Duncan was admr. Defendants caused suit to be entered in 1831 against trespassers and petitioner supported the trespassers, nevertheless, defendants won the suit. Defendants sold some of the land, 550 acres, in Jan 1836 to Moses Smoke. Defts. say petitioner is bared from proceeding with his suit by reason of fact that the pretended agreement between deceased and plaintiff was not in writing, and also that under the law no deputy surveyor can have or take any interest, directly or indirectly, in any vacant land he is called upon to survey, under pain of heavy penalties; that said petitioner was at the time the lands were surveyed, a deputy surveyor.

Decree in favor of defendants, (no date shown). William Allen, a defendant was a minor. The decree says the land was granted to James Allen 8/1/1814.

Later, William Allen ratifies deed when of age Nov 5, 1841 (Deed Bk AA. page 508, Barnwell Co SC)


The State of South Carolina - To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting:

KNOW YE, That in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature, entitled "An Act for establishing the mode of granting the lands now vacant in this State, and for allowing a commutation to be received for some lands that have been granted," passed the 19th day of February, 1791; WE HAVE GRANTED and by these presents DO GRANT unto James Allen, his heirs and assigns, a plantation or tract of land containing One Thousand Acres, Surveyed for him the 15th of Jany 18(91?). Situate on Barnwell District on Waters of Lemons Swamp......."

More About James Allen, Sr:

Fact 1: Name of wife may be Ann Zilpah Bryan

Notes for Ann Louis Lewis Bryan: "Ann Allen & others to George W Smoke, Decd: South Carolina }

Barnwell District } Know all men by these presents that we Ann Allen, John Allen, Richard Allen and William Allen of the State and District for the consideration sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars to us in hand paid by George W Smoke of the same place Wheelright have granted bargained sold and released and by these presents do grant bargain sell and release unto the said George W Smoke his heirs and assigns, all that plantation or tract of land in Barnwell District on Lemons Swamp containing five hundred acres more or less being part of two tracts (___) plot of the same made by John M Allen 17 Jany 18(40?). (Deed continues). Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of

J M Allen her

H Kicklighter Ann X Allen


Richard Allen

William Allen

John Allen

pr Attorney Richd Allen


South Carolina, Barnwell District} Personally before me came Henry Kicklighter, who after being duly sworn saith that he was personally present and did see the written deed of conveyance duly executed, and that he did see J M Allen together with himself sign the same as witness -- sworn to before me this 18th day of January 1840} (signed) Henry Kicklighter

William M Chitty, Q U

State of South Carolina

Barnwell District} I,John D Odom one of the Justices of the Quorum do hereby certify unto all whom it may concern that the wife of the witness named Richard Allen did this day appear before me and upon being privately and separately ( ) before me did declare that she did freely and voluntarily without any compulsion dread or fear of any person or persons whomsoever ...(relinquish unto) the wittness named George W Smoke his heirs and assigns (etc)

Signed this 15th day of May 1840

John D Odom Q U her

Sarah X Allen


Other members of the family signed documents dealing with the Lemons Swamp deed. The next was William Allen in 26 April 1844 J M Allen, D S 17th Jany 1840

More About Ann Louis Lewis Bryan: Fact 1: Name may be Ann Zilpah Bryan

5. LeRoy2 Allen (John1) was born Abt. 1804 (Source: From Laurie Bryan who interviewed Mrs WT Stevens who was spending winter in Allendale 1938, sent to Walter S Bryan). He married Laura Owens.

6. John Marcellus2 Allen, Jr (John1) was born February 02, 1807 in Chester Dist, SC (Source: Screven Co History by Dixon Hollingsworth), and died February 17, 1855 in b Swallow Savannah Cem, Allendale, SC - aged 48 years, 15 days (Source: Members of Allen family buried in Swallow Savannah Cem, by Pamala Sue Roberts ( He married (1) Zilphia Zipporah Humphreys in SC -a date given has to be in error in WSB records (Source: Notes of Walter Speight Bryan taken from Curtis Humphreys Jr in 1927, Quitman, GA who d 12-1-1930 age 87, Manning files say that they were guardians of Ann K and Sarah Bryan, daus of Frederick.), daughter of John Humphreys and Sarah Cone. He married (2) Malinda Vasser. He married (3) Mary Brannen April 06, 1819 in Jasper Co, GA (Source: World Family Tree, Vol 6, file 477.), daughter of William Brannen and Elizabeth Gross.

9. Paul H2 Allen, Sr (John1) was born January 16, 1813 in Barnwell Dist, SC - said to have been 1st postmaster in Allendale section (Source: Allendale on the Savannah, p 80 - this gives the date Jan 15, 1818 as his birth, The Date 1-16-1813 for the birth of Paul H Allen Sr, was gathered by Walter S Bryan, LLD, in 1937-1841, as he visited Allendale. The Allen info came from Mrs Zilphia Zippora Allen Boylston in 1942 and who was living at the New Warren Hotel in Allendale.), and died March 26, 1909 in Allendale, SC, b Swallow Savannah Cemetery - stone broken off (Source: Members of Allen family buried in Swallow Savannah Cem, by Pamala Sue Roberts (, US Census SC, roll 1483, p 32; Allendale on the Savannah p 80, gives the date as Mar 6, 1871, Recds of Walter Speight Bryan, historian, grad of Emory, Rhodes Scholar. This info was gained on a trip to Allendale 1939.). He married (1) Lucy Humphreys January 31, 1839 in Thursday, Barnwell/Colleton District, SC by Rev John McFail (Source: Family Bible of Curtis Humphreys, Sr, transcribed by Reuben Mason 12-26-1937), daughter of John Humphreys and Sarah Cone. He married (2) Zilphia Zipporah Humphreys Aft. 1868 in she was his 2nd wife and widow of his brother (Source: There is no proof of this marriage, but it was in the papers of W S Bryan and another heresay source as well.), daughter of John Humphreys and Sarah Cone.

Notes for Paul H Allen, Sr:

Barnwell SC County Court deed Records:

Deed of Gift from Mrs Ann Allen to her son, Paul, dated Nov 7th, 1836, for a third part of 780 acre tract (Deed Book V, page 8, Barnwell Co)

More About Paul H Allen, Sr:

Fact 1: 1849, Allendale, SC was named for him (Source: History of SC by Yates Snowden Vol 5, p 243)

Fact 2: 1849, He was the first Postmaster of the settlement (Source: History of SC by Yates Snowden Vol 5, p 243; A Guide to the Palmetto State, S C Writers Project p 453)

Generation No. 3

10. John3 Allen III (James2, John1) was born 1805 in Barnwell Dist, SC - was said to be first of the family to move to Lowndes Co, GA (Source: Chart of Patricia Stewart GrahamPO Box 1158Fernandina Beach, FL 32035-1158), and died October 27, 1886 in Lowndes Co, GA - b Good Hope Baptist Ch (Source: From Jeter descendant, Candy Otte,, Good Hope Baptist Cemetery is located 2 miles N of State Road 82 (Valdosta-Waycross Hwy) on Good Hope Rd.). He married (1) Eliza Jeter 1824 in Barnwell Dist, SC (Source: Wiregrass GA.), daughter of Samuel Jeter and Susannah Pryor-Grubbs. He married (2) Cherry Wadsworth Mullis 1864 in Lowndes Co, GA (Source: Marriage Records of GA.).

Notes for John Allen III:

Good Hope Baptist Church, located near Naylor, GA, was organized in 1872 with seven charter members. They are believed to have been the following: Mrs Martha Tyler, Mrs Izzie Bamberg, Mrs Ham, Mrs Ossanna Force, Mrs Cherry Allen, Mr John Allen and Mr Allen Moore.

The original church was a one room frame building built on logs sills that were hewn from pine logs by Mr Lucious Herring. In 1897, the building was ceiled. Eventually, the need for a choir loft was recognized, and in 1934 this need was met.

The first acre of land for the church and cemetery was donated by Mr John Allen, and the land across the road was donated for a new cemetery by Miss Lommie Allen and Mr Otie Lommie Allen and Mr Otis Moore, Sr.

(taken from article about Good Hope Baptist church, Author not identified)

More About John Allen III:

Fact 1: 1837, Served as a Private in Indian War under Capt Samuel E Swilley (Source: Wiregrass GA II, page 28 (corrections), 2nd Reg,FL Militia, June 16, to Dec 16, 1837.)

Fact 2: Abt. 1834, Settled in Naylor District (661st) Lowndes Co, GA

Fact 3: His Plantation was abt 1 mi SE of present Good Hope Baptist Ch (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol II.)

Fact 4: 1838, Served Lowndes Co Militia under Capt Jesse Carter (Source: Records of Good Hope Cemetery, Indian War of 1838.)

11. Richard3 Allen (James2, John1) (Source: Wiregrass Vol II, p 28.) was born 1806 in Barnwell Dist, SC Moved to Troupville, Lowndes Co, Ga ca 1842 (Source: Wiregrass Vol II p 28.), and died Abt. 1878 in St John's River, near Palatka, FL (moved to FL after 1847 with son Joseph M) (Source: Records of Good Hope Cemetery, p 28, Accidentally drowned in St John's River about 1878.). He married Sarah.

More About Richard Allen:

Cause of Death: drowned in St John's River, near Palatka, FL (Source: Huxford's Wiregrass GA and Pam Hayworth, descendant.)

Fact 1: 1846, 1848 - Sheriff of Lowndes Co, GA (Source: Records of Good Hope Cemetery.)

Fact 2: Aft. 1847, Moved to FL, lived near Palatka (Source: Records of Good Hope Cemetery.)

13. Hansford3 Allen (James2, John1) was born 1811 in Barnwell Dist, SC - lived in Lowndes & Echols Co's, GA (Source: Linda Murphy -, From handwritten family record sent by Patricia Graham, Wiregrass, Vol II.), and died October 10, 1893 in Echols Co, GA - b Bethel Primitive Baptist Church (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol I, p 7-8.). He married Nancy Wilkinson.

More About Hansford Allen:

Fact 1: July 01, 1838, to10/15/1838 - Served in Capt Jesse Carter's Co of Lowndes Co Militia (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol I, p 7-8.)

Fact 2: His family moved to GA after the Indian War (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol I, p 7-8.)

Fact 3: Family lived in Eastern Lowndes Co, GA (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol I, p 7-8.)

Fact 4: 1850, Their part of Lowndes was cut off into Clinch Co (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol I, p 7-8.)

Fact 5: 1858, Their part of Clinch Co was made into Echols Co (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol I, p 7-8.)

Fact 6: They spent a few years in Columbia Co, FL (Source: Wiregrass GA Vol I, p 7-8.)

14. William B3 Allen (James2, John1) was born April 12, 1819 in Barnwell SC - lived in Lowndes and Echols Counties, GA (Source: Records of Allens sent by Patricia Graham, including census, hand written family records and published records, Wiregrass, Vol II; "B" is from D Gale Bostick (nee Blackburn) Columbia SC, descendant.), and died 1903 in b at Union Church (Source: From a handwritten letter dated August 13, 1934 from I W Allen of Stockton, GA to Mr Huxford.). He married Mary Ann Walker January 22, 1848, daughter of James Walker.

15. Laura Augusta3 Allen (LeRoy2, John1) was born December 06, 1840 in (she is of this Allen family - not proven dau of Leroy), and died July 02, 1921 in b Swallow Savannah Cem, Allendale, SC (Source: Members of Allen family buried in Swallow Savannah Cem, by Pamala Sue Roberts ( She married J S Stoney, Dr CSA.

16. Augustus Theodore3 Allen (John Marcellus2, John1) was born June 08, 1830 (Source: Members of Allen family buried in Swallow Savannah Cem, by Pamala Sue Roberts (, Laurie Bryan interviewed Mrs WT Stevens who was spending winter in Allendale 1939, sent it to Walter Bryan.), and died September 09, 1873 in b Swallow Savannah Cem, Allendale, SC (Source: Cemetery Records of Swallow Savannah Cemetery, Allendale Co, SC.). He married Jane H Roberts.

20. Cyrus Joshua3 Allen (John Marcellus2, John1) was born May 03, 1829 (Source: World Family Tree, Vol 6, file 477.), and died May 25, 1907 in Statesboro, Bulloch co, Ga - b Bethlehem Cem. He married (1) Ann Nancy Akins February 28, 1853 (Source: World Family Tree, Vol 6, file 477.), daughter of Lewis Akins and Mary Stanford. He married (2) Betty Akins August 05, 1856 in Statesboro, Bulloch co, Ga, daughter of Lewis Akins and Mary Stanford.

21. John Conyers3 Allen (Paul H2, John1) was born April 08, 1840 in SC - Was Veteran of War between the States 1861-1865 (Source: Records gathered from the family by Walter Speight Bryan, LLD, in 1937-1941 as he traveled, met & copied records of family. The Allen information came from Mrs Zilphia Zippora Allen Boylston in 1942 and who was living at the New Warren Hotel, Allendale), and died November 20, 1907 in b Swallow Savannah Cem, Allendale, SC (Source: US Census SC 1870, roll 1484, p 278, Allendale on the Savannah, p 80.). He married Sarah Jane Tison, daughter of Reuben Tison and Rebecca McKenzie.

More About John Conyers Allen:

Fact 1: 1870, Was in Great Cypress twp SC (Source: 1870 Census, SC, roll 1484 - p 278.)

Paragraph on Paul H. Allen after whom the town and county are named (also hypertext linked above).

For more information contact Judy Canant

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