Alabama Census Index
1850 county page Roll
Able Gill Benton 314 district 1
B. Gill Mobile 431 Mobile
Chamberlain Gill Madison 460 Huntsville
Charles Gill Lowndes 187 Rockymou
Daniel Gill Morgan 259 Div name in Chesterfield Co., VA
Elizabeth Gill Limestone 014 Dist prob. widow of Gardner Gill
Elizabeth Gill Lowndes 103 Lowndes
M.? Gill Dallas 296 Selma Town
Henry Gill Sumt 345 Misc
Henry Gill Sumt 285 Payneville
J. J. Gill Laur 439 dist
James Gill Jackson 078 dist
James Gill Fran 217 dist
Jane Gill Dallas 259 Cahawba
Jesse Gill Blount 124 subdiv
John Gill Coos 119 Hatchet
John Gill Jefferson 224 Elyton D.
John S. Gill Jefferson 206 Powels D.
Joseph Gill Jefferson 225 Elyton D.
Joseph M. Gill Jefferson 206 Powels D.
Lemuel Gill Greene 289 Eutaw B.E.
Marshall Gill Bibb 062 E.C. RI
Mary Gill Pick 004 Carrollton
Mary A. Gill Greene 290 Eutaw BE
Peter Gill Fran 177 dist
R. Gill Clarke 254 no 3
Reuben Gill Coos 107 Hatchet
Robert Gill Jackson 080 dist
Thomas Gill Barb 213 Div
Thomas M. Gill Benton 327 dist 1
Thomas W. Gill Dallas 288 Roscors
Uriah Gill Clarke 207 no 3
Uriah Gill Clarke 208 no 3
William Gill Barb 213 div
William Gill Barb 214 div
William Gill Shel 239 no
William G. Gill Morgan 259 no
William H. Gill Sumt 324 Wassaw D. from Columbia Co., GA??

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